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Step right up to the spine-chilling spectacle of our animated Clown Prop! Bedecked in vibrant hues of pink, blue, and orange, this eerie entertainer beckons with a deceptive grin. Adorned with a hat, ruffled collar, and striped ensemble, he holds a tantalising promise of "FREE ICE CREAM" in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other. But beware: when activated, he lunges forward, eyes glowing yellow, mouth moving in sinister speech. With LED eyes, illuminated ice cream cone, sign, and bowtie, this mains-operated marvel commands attention. Control box functions include volume adjustment, infrared sensor activation, and on/off/step-pad operation (step-pad not included). Dare to engage, but beware his trickery!


Please note: Our Halloween animated props are designed for seasonal use and are not intended for prolonged or year-round display. To ensure their longevity and optimal performance, we recommend using them for short periods during the Halloween season. 

Neon Ice Cream Clown Animated Prop - 5.9ft

£299.99 Regular Price
£274.99Sale Price
Expected To Be Shipped By The End Of September/Early October
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