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Step right up to the spookiest show on earth with our Circus Clown Popcorn Popper Machine Animated Prop! Standing at an eerie 5.7ft tall, this creepy prop features a pale-skinned clown with a ruffle collar inside a fake popcorn machine. When activated, the clown head pops up, the mouth moves, and the clown’s eyes and popcorn machine illuminate yellow as he recites 4 different phrases, adding a bone-chilling touch to your Halloween décor. The control box functions include volume, infrared sensor, on, and off/step-pad (not-included), making it easy to operate. Whether you’re hosting a haunted circus-themed party or creating a terrifying carnival display, this animated prop is sure to delight and frighten all who see it!


Please note: Our Halloween animated props are designed for seasonal use and are not intended for prolonged or year-round display. To ensure their longevity and optimal performance, we recommend using them for short periods during the Halloween season. 

Circus Clown Popcorn Popper Machine Animated Prop - 5.7ft

£299.99 Regular Price
£274.99Sale Price
Expected To Be Shipped By The End Of September/Early October
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