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Introduce seasonal magic to your home with this 3.5-ft. animated Yoda animatronic. Life-like servo motors enable head, ear, eyes and mouth movements synced with several different phrases, making it an excellent conversation starter, while a glowing LED saber lights up and moves from side to side for added excitement. Includes interchangeable sign and hat for both the Halloween and the Christmas season. Motion-sensor activation initiates the animations when your guests approach for worry-free operation. This animated Yoda decoration plugs into a standard electrical outlet for a steady power supply.


  • LED light saber glows in the dark for a riveting night time scene
  • Animated Yoda decoration is rated for indoor use only
  • Yoda decoration stands 3.5 ft. tall for an eye-catching display
  • Features life-like movement and cheerful audio sure to delight
  • Motion-sensor activated for animation whenever guests approach
  • Includes Animated Yoda with matching Halloween/Christmas outfits


Please note: Our Halloween animated props are designed for seasonal use and are not intended for prolonged or year-round display. To ensure their longevity and optimal performance, we recommend using them for short periods during the Halloween season. 

3.5 ft. Animated LED Seasonal Yoda

£479.99 Regular Price
£379.99Sale Price
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