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This Tombstone Duo Is One For The Ages. On The Left, We Have A Grave With A Grim Reaper Holding A Shovel While Hugging The Tombstone Of Anita Shovel. You Can See Two Hands Coming Out Of The Ground, Holding Up A Sign That Says, "Help!" The Other Gravestone Has A Vacancy Sign, Advertising An Upcoming Open House. It Advertises A Small One Bedroom For Rent. It's Underground, But It's A Great Deal! Remark: Height Of The Tallest Piece Shown.


Approx. Size (H X W X D)
7.8 X 0 X 0 Cm
Year Released: 2021
Made Of: Polyresin
Product Type: Accessory

Tombstone Duo - Spooky Town

SKU: 728162148315
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