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Whoever Says Flowers Are Boring Has Clearly Never Visited Spooky Town! Water These Colourful Buds At Your Own Risk Because There Are More Than A Few Teeth In There Waiting To Grab A Fresh Meal. If The Danger Sign In Front Doesn’t Say It All, Then The Fencing Trying To Keep You Away Certainly Should! Weed Killer Is Like Whiskey To These Sturdy Blooms! These Fearsome Flowers Are Definitely Not For Picking And Displaying In A Vase.

Approx. Size (H X W X D)
4.8 X 7 X 4.3 Cm
Year Released: 2022
Made Of: Resin
Product Type: Accessories
Electrical: Non-electrical

Fearsome Flowers - Spooky Town

SKU: 728162249470
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