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Introducing the Cauldron Creeper Animated Prop - a 5.9ft mains operated animated figure that will add a touch of eerie enchantment to your Halloween setup. This spooky spectre features a stirring motion and a moving mouth, along with captivating light-up eyes that will send chills down your spine. Inside the cauldron, LEDs create an ominous glow, while an illuminated fire effect at the base completes the scene with a flickering flame.


Accompanied by 3 x 18-second sounds, this prop is sure to create an atmosphere of mystery and suspense. You'll have control right at your fingertips with the included control box, allowing you to adjust volume, activate the infrared sensor for interactive scares, and toggle between on/off or step-pad activation (step-pad not included).


With the Cauldron Creeper Animated Prop as the focal point of your Halloween décor, prepare for a bewitching display that will captivate all who dare to approach.



Please note: Our Halloween animated props are designed for seasonal use and are not intended for prolonged or year-round display. To ensure their longevity and optimal performance, we recommend using them for short periods during the Halloween season. 

Cauldron Creeper Animated Prop - 5.9ft

£359.99 Regular Price
£339.99Sale Price
Expected To Be Shipped By The End Of September/Early October
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